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February 2018 - Shofar (pdf)  

PRESIDENT'S PERSPECTIVE (from the February 2018 Shofar)

One month into 2018, how are we doing on our resolutions? I took a bit of my own advice and I came up with way more than one. I actually came up with about nine of them. I also took advice from just about every self-help “guru” and wrote my resolutions down. Where I have placed that list is another question, but it makes it kind of fun; I look forward to finding that list and seeing how many I can cross off, or how many I am still attempting to achieve, and the ones I have outright abandoned content to re-examine them next year. 

Thank you for those who decided it was not enough to see your temple friends on Friday night; you wanted to see them on Saturday night as well, and joined us at the Condors game. We sold approximately fifty tickets and it was quite fun. I am a sports fan, so it is not hard for me to get excited about going to a sporting event, but if you have only watched hockey on television, going to a live hockey game enhances the experience more than any other sport. Also, the Condors do a fantastic job of making sure there is never a dull moment in between periods and any stoppages of play. I cannot promise we will do it again this year, but if we do, it is something you would not want to miss. 

The committee that selects, or politely asks/guilts members to serve on the board has been selected. I am telling you this not so you can screen your phone calls, but that if you are you are selected, remember it is an honor and mitzvah to serve on the board. There are times when we feel our voice it too small to be heard in the national political climate. Even at the state and local levels, we can sometimes feel disenfranchised. By serving on the board of the synagogue, your voice will definitely be heard. I won’t tell you it’s easy, but I will tell you no one is assigned a task that is too great for them, and often times your fellow board member or congregant (thanks, Mom) are happy to help you. I encourage anyone who has some interest in serving to let us know so that we can put you on the short list of candidates for your preferred position so you don’t wind up being the President all of a sudden. 

Approximately six years ago, I got a call from Mike Miller, who was on the board selection committee. I spoke to him and he asked if I would consider serving on the board. I was hesitant at first, but he convinced me that it wasn’t too much of a burden and that I would just be expected to attend the meetings once a month, be an usher about once every other month, and assist with some light sprucing up of the temple every so often. I did not think it sounded so bad, so I told him I would. A couple of weeks later, I get a call from Irene Christensen, who I was helping with the youth group, telling me, “Wow! You are really going for it”. I asked her what she meant and she informed that that Mike had put my name down as committing to be the Vice President (which was not discussed). I got off the phone and called Mike. His wife, Sharon, answered and looking back, I think she knew exactly why I was calling, but she played it off pretty good. I spoke to Mike and he convinced me that being the Vice President was a good fit. He was right, and I accepted the position and have served on the board ever since. 

Elliott Magnus 







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